1. Canvas LMS Leaning Management System

Building an online school
This is for: 
+ Middle school, high school,
+ Intermediate, high school, university.
+ The Department of Education/Department of Education invests in a shared online training system
+ Internal training enterprise
The system is based on the Canvas LMS platform (USA) ranked No. 1 in the world, all Harvard schools are using it.
Vietnam: Vinschool, Fulbright, Rmit, Foreign Trade, Posts and Telecommunications Dong Nai University of Technology, An Giang, Hai Phong ..currently using

2. Multi-channel enrollment system
Recruit students from many different channels
Build a network of enrollment collaborators
Develop enrollment branches
Intended use:
+ Intermediate school, college, university
+ Private preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools
+ Training and study abroad facilities
The system is based on the administrative ERP platform Odoo (Belgium) that has been adjusted to serve multi-channel enrollment

3. SmartSchool - Smart school administration
Facial recognition, multi-dimensional interaction between schools, teachers, students, and parents
This is for:
International, private elementary preschool
Facial recognition system using AI, smart school management using web management system and mobile app.
Slogan: Each parent saves 1 cup of coffee per month, you can completely rest assured that your child is at school